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Ruttonjee Centre
Location: Central, Hong Kong
Design/Completion: 1977/1980
Client: Chinese Estate Holdings Ltd.
1987 - HKIA Certificate of Merit
Ruttonjee Centre, located at the upper end of Duddell Street off Queen's Road Central, was designed as a comprehensive commercial development and was built in two stages.

The development consists of two office towers, Ruttonjee House and Dina House above a podium structure in line with the regulations. Basements have also been formed to accommodate the number of carparking spaces permitted. The podium contains a department store, which extends into one of the basements and is entered on axis at street level. Escalators placed on either side of the entrance lead visitors and tenants into a skylit entrance hall which is the focal point of the whole centre. A tapestry designed by Remo Riva depicts elements of the project in a collage like manger, adding a strong and colourful accent. Retail outlets line two arcades which lead to the main lift halls of the two office towers above.

Ruttonjee House a 28-storey tall office tower was built as the first stage and also features three exclusive apartments above the office accommodation. Dina House the second tower contains the balance of the permitted cross floor area. The narrow street and the resulting street shadow profile was resolved with the use of a three dimensional module, a multiple of the ceiling module grid of 1.25m x 1.25m. Gold reflective glass, selected on the basis of its superior performance in regards to energy efficiency, is held in black anodized aluminium frames which stretch grid-like over all surfaces of the project. The gold/black curtainwall solution forms the basis of colour scheme and is complimented with white Thassor marble and Porrino granite.

The development was Hong Kong's most energy efficient building on its completion in 1996.
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