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Sui Wo Court
Location: Shatin, Hong Kong
Design/Completion: 1970/1981
Client: Hong Kong Housing Authority
Gross Floor Area: 170,000 sq.m
1981 - HKIA Silver Medal Award
In 1978 the Hong Kong Government encouraged to leave rental flats and purchase their own under the first phase of the Housing Authority Home Ownership Scheme. Sui Wo Court proved to be one of the most successful of these schemes. It provides accommodation for 15,000 people in 3,500 flats and a commercial centre of 5,000sq.m. together with bus station, car parking, kindergarten, nursery schools and many other amenities. To increase community, prevent crime and to achieve a higher social interaction, a pin wheel plan was devised with fully open stairs and lobbies every third floor.

The residential buildings are in groups of three, each around their own landscaped courtyard.
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