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Hong Kong Institute of Education
Location: Tai Po, Hong Kong
Design/Completion: 1996/1998
Client: The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Gross Floor Area: 142,000 sq.m
Designed for 7,000 students, the Hong Kong Institute of Education campus is located at the edge of the country park 1 km from Tai Po, overlooking Tolo Harbour. Planned along a linear pedestrian spine are teaching buildings and central facilities such as the library, computer centre, student union and canteen, and the Administration Building with its own entry plaza at the southern end. Below the spine are lecture theatres, studios, workshops and other facilities that do not require a view. Courtyards are dropped into this level to provide access and light for the studios.

At the northern end, the spine terminates at the Amenities Building that contains a gymnasia, swimming pools, fitness rooms, canteens and other amenities for both staff and students. A main service road at the rear links all facilities. Above this are the student hostels terraced against the hillside with staff housing at the northern end. The scheme also includes a model kindergarten, primary and secondary school with enhanced facilities to enable the study and development of teaching methods.
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