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Beijing Oriental Plaza
Location: Beijing, China
Design/Completion: 1994/2001
Client: Cheung Kong Holdings Co. Ltd.
Site Area: 109,925 sq.m
Gross Floor Area: 900,000 sq.m
2005 - Ten Famous Commercial Properties in China
2005 - Ten Famous New Landmarks in the Cities of China
2005 - Ten Famous Intelligent Buildings in China
2003 - Master in Civil Engineering Award PRC
2002 - Master in Construction (Lu Pan) Award PRC
2000 - Design Competition 1st Prize
Located in the heart of Beijing along Chang'An Avenue near Tiananmen Square, this mixed-use project combines 900,000 sq.m of first class commercial space with the 800-room Grand Hyatt Hotel, service apartments and a major shopping centre. Ranging from 13 to 22 storeys, the buildings are organized along an east-west axis around three formal courtyards which contain extensive water features, paved areas, trees and contemporary artwork.

The street level provides main access to the 100,000 sq.m retail mall whilst the podium provides access to the hotel, service apartments and the office towers. A subway station connects directly to the retail mall while a 3-storey underground car park serves the whole complex.

The Oriental Plaza echoes traditional Chinese architecture in its use of courtyards, axial planning and symmetrical massing. The square and circular building elements are differentiated in pink granite and reflective glass while the fenestration is conceived as a contemporary interpretation of classical Chinese motifs.
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