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Location: Hsin Yi, Taipei, Taiwan
Design/Completion: 2005/2009
Client: Chun Yee Co. Ltd.
Site Area: 7,470 sq.m
Gross Floor Area: 52,640 sq.m
Reinterpreting neo-classical planning ideas, the Taipei Galleria is a major insertion into the rapidly developing Hsin Yi district of Taipei. Dominating the corner of the Chung Gao/Chung Ren road intersection, the focus of this rectangular mixed use development is an elliptical atrium which serves as a hub with four curvilinear glass-roofed galleria as the spokes sweeping outwards to entrances in each corner. The rest of the 3-storey retail podium is taken up by retail flagships and F&B outlets arranged in a symmetrical layout.

The crescent shaped block on the north side rises by another six storeys and contains various restaurants as well as luxury apartment floors. Characterized by half round pediments, double height columns and large windows, it complements the more solid podium which has arched colonnades at ground level, round windows and freestanding and engaged double height columns above, topped by a recessed pitched rooftop.
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