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Crocodile Centre at 79 Hoi Yuen Road
Location: Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Design/Completion: 2008/2009
Client: Crocodile KT Investment Ltd.
Gross Floor Area: 22,295 sq.m
This project is a redevelopment of a former industrial building in Kwun Tong, the Crocodile Centre. The new building which keeps the same name as the old building is now an office and commercial building, reflecting the changing of the urban fabric in the Kwun Tong industrial district. This is one of the many office redevelopment in Kwun Tong, but its location gives it a distinct advantage over the nearby developments.

Crocodile Centre is located at the front of Hoi Yuen Road, alongside the Kwun Tong Fire Station. Due to the openness of the Fire Station complex the building is clearly visible from the Kwun Tong road roundabout and from the MTR station platform and marks the entrance to the Kwun Tong industrial district.

Located on the side of the APM retail mall it has a 24 hour access between Hoi Yuen Road and APM. The 22 storey tower is split into 2 halves, the bottom being retail and restaurants and the top as offices.
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