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One Amber
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Design/Completion: 2006/2010
Client: United Overseas Land Limited/UIC
Site Area: 23,160 sq.m
Gross Floor Area: 64,849 sq.m
One Amber is a comprehensive development located in a popular residential suburb close to the city centre of Singapore. Drawing its inspiration from the lines and shapes of cubist paintings, the platform at ground level acts as a landscape from which four residential towers rise to 23 storeys, providing over 500 units. The towers are placed radially in a semi-circular ring across the site to ensure that the apartments command good views of the sea to the south. The main entry from the south leads to drop off points on either side, creating an axis for a symmetrical composition with elongated water bodies and lush landscaping separating the towers. Occupying the centre and rising above the carparking podium is the prismatic form of the glazed clubhouse that is raised on inclined columns to overlook the arrival plaza, swimming pools and other communal facilities.
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