• Projects


    Diversity and know-how allows us to design any scale and type of commercial space. The current average size is 200,000 m2 but we handle projects up to 1,8 million square meters housing 90,000 + people.

    Through analysis of the site and brief optimal solutions are worked out and strategies agreed with all stakeholders incorporated from the very onset of every project. 



    Comprehensive and fast design turnaround is made possible by having all building disciplines in-house and working with selected industry leading sub consultants.

    Counting hundreds of commercial projects in our portfolio millions of people have worked in an office designed by P&T.

    Our insights from designing commercial spaces in Asia is unmatched.


    Producing beautiful and efficient buildings that are flexible, optimizing daylight and using the latest services technologies is complex.

    It demands leadership, teamwork and respect for ideas – from design to completion.

    Having worked in cities commanding the world’s highest land and built square meter prices, our overriding vision for commercial projects is to bring innovation, efficiency, practicality and sensible cost solutions to each project and to designing buildings that still respect their connection to society, context and human wellbeing.

    We optimize space planning, prepared for future flexibility and productivity.