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    Corporate HQ


    Our long-standing experience in working with corporations to understand and support their image and employees provides a strong backbone when it comes to designing Headquarter Buildings.

    We have learned to be sensitive to International design with local relevance.

    Designing good buildings that optimize space and budgets is in it-self demanding.



    Designing a Corporate Headquarter is yet in another league since the finished building shall reflect the company’s image, attract talent and keep employees happy.

    It communicates on a factual as well as emotional level with everyone working and visiting the building. Given our Interior Architecture & Design experience we are able to offer full-service solutions designing inspiring public spaces and attractive interior experiences creating harmony between the exterior and the interior.



    We help our clients achieve their ambition! Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, Chartered Bank, Bank of China, AIA, Azer Energy are just some of our clients.

    Every capital we have worked in counts a Headquarter building designed by P&T.