• Projects


    P&T has designed learning environments for kindergarten, school, college, university and research centers for more than 40 years mainly in Hong Kong, Singapore and China, all recognized as having the worlds leading educational standards.


    Our overriding vision is to bring innovation and human scale to projects paired with sensible budgets.

    We optimize space planning and prioritize daylight with future flexibility in mind, the aim being to create collaborative environments where the built environment inspires a flow full of life, learning and energy.


    Stimulating excellence, satisfying the needs of talented students and teachers in a variety of institutions and for one of the worlds most diverse student populations in close to 100 projects, means that we rightfully can claim to be experts.

    Millions of students have graduated from an educational facility designed by P&T. Our experience covers kindergarten, schools, and universities for up to 40,000 students.


    Designing an educational facility is an interactive process between all stakeholders: the institution, teachers and students in the pursuit to develop a solution that technically and emotionally meet their specific needs and expectations.

    Designing educational environments is very complex however we simply follow our fundamental process – ‘The P&T way”, which is as simple as ‘AN ABC’.