• Abu Dhabi Polymers Park
    Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Client: Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation
    Design: 2008
    GFA: 10,736 sqm
  • The Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation (ADBIC) launched Abu Dhabi Polymers Park in June 2008. The Polymers Park is located in ICAD III, Musafa, Abu Dhabi with a total area of 4.5 km2.

    P&T were appointed by ADBIC, in May 2008, for the design and supervision of phase one of the industrial buildings,  to be leased to investors / tenants.

    The industrial building units are partially generic in nature and similar in terms of structural spans, heights and floor loadings, and were partially designed to suit specific tenant requirements. The units are core and shell, with fit out by tenants. The basic brief, for phase one, was to provide modular industrial unit arrangements, with sizes of 5,000 sq.m, 10,00 sq.m and 15,000 sq.m. The total area of phase one, for which P&T were originally appointed, was 325,000 sq.m, with up to 20 industrial unit buildings, with a total gross floor area of 227,500 sq.m.

    The first building was completed in December 2010.




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