• Projects


    P&T has designed healthcare facilities since its foundation and has been actively involved in delivering healthcare and age care projects in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the last 15 years. We believe architecture could be designed to promote health.

    Our healthcare architects possess in-depth technical knowledge about planning, detail design and execution of healthcare facilities which are commonly regarded as the most complex building typology. We understand the context in which the best technological, emotional and human solutions are created and are committed to excellence in design and execution of the best healthcare facilities.



    P&T is committed to turning design concepts into reality, administering projects on time and within budget, and generating well planned, flexible and comfortable healthcare facilities that optimize operational efficiency and well-being of patients, staff and visitors.

    In addition to its international presence, profound experience and in-house expertise from 3 design and engineering disciplines, P&T draws values from its long term experience in Hospitality and Residential design to healthcare projects, designing inviting entrances, welcoming and relaxing lobbies, and spaces that enhance users’ experience. Its attention to human scale and skills in detailing provides prominent insight at the core of design for healthcare facilities today.