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    Master Planning


    P&T have over the years produced Master Plans for Governments and private developers through out Asia and Middle East.

    Our Master Plan projects range in size from universities and mixed-use developments to city plans with large residential communities and reclaimed islands in the Arabian Gulf. This has given P&T an opportunity to work with local experts and international specialists from all over the world.

    Master Planning requires vision, logic and a team effort applying a variety of skills. Economic, social, political and physical considerations must obviously be applied paired with a clear ‘story’ - a vision guiding the design work. 


    A fundamental philosophy of P&T has always been to respond to local culture and let it be reflected in planning and eventually in buildings, without compromising on being contemporary.

    We believe that a successful Master Plan is a plan where activities can play out and develop, mature and change with the times.

    The basic requirement making this possible is to create intuitive circulation systems and create ideal living, working, recreational and cultural experiences thus caring for the Quality-of-Life for everyone experiencing the spaces we plan.