• Projects


    We are known for having designed some of the largest and best known mixed-use projects over the last 50 years in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok and recently Riyadh in Saudi-Arabia, either as few buildings or large communities up to 1,800 000 m2 and occupied by up to 90,000+ people. This makes P&T Architects among the most experienced in the world of Architectural Master Planning and Mixed-Use Design.

    The key to designing mixed-use projects is to capitalize on the mass and creating synergy between the components. This requires an understanding of how to design the individual components and how to get a flow between components for pedestrians as well as for vehicular traffic.


    P&T has over years acquired a unique knowledge and insight in how to optimize synergy in Mixed-use developments and we are known for our innovative yet functional, sustainable and creative design concepts that are both aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic to their environment. Importantly our projects are successfully retrofitted to meet new or changed uses and standards.

    Our largest mixed-use project – 1,800 000 m2 – is a community with residential, commercial, hotel, education, research, theater, hospital, exhibition blended with open landscape, open space and memorable landmarks.

    The extensive experience in all project types and scales paired with a stable leadership team makes this possible.