NEWS: P&T’s travel scholarship takes Hong Kong architecture students to the world


As one of the most established global architecture practices, P&T is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of architects. One of the firm’s most important initiatives for young talent is through its annual Travel Scholarship, which aims to promote better architecture education by sponsoring MArch students in Hong Kong to pursue academic passion projects over their travel in summer holidays. The scholarship allows selected students to travel to a destination of their choosing, to observe life in a different city and understand how different communities interact with their unique natural or built environments. This year, the three students selected to participate in the Travel Scholarship programme were Clarissa Lim (HKU), Cynthia Leung (HKU) and Derrick Leong (CUHK).


A video of students sharing their experience can be viewed at: 


Collage of cultures

Cynthia travelled to Morocco to explore what she terms that country’s Collage of Cultures. Her research examined a country with a long history marked by successive waves of settlers and military encroachment, and how influences from diverse cultures have affected Morocco’s architecture. Cynthia went to eight different cities, taking in the rugged mountain ranges, the harsh desert and the expansive coastline of the northern African country, exploring different townscapes and their site-specific architectural clusters, reflective of particular cultural and religious memories that, through architecture, remained frozen in time.


Cynthia Leung travelled to Morocco to explore what she terms that country’s Collage of Cultures.


Community making

For her assignment, Clarissa travelled to her native Malaysia. Her paper, #ToSettle examined how migrant communities connect and recreate their own homes in a foreign landscape, with a spotlight on the Chinese community in Malaysia. Through social media, interviews and her own photography, Clarissa explored placemaking for outsiders in established communities. “I moved to Hong Kong when I was really young,” says Lim. “To go back and see the city around me in a different way, from an academic perspective, was really rewarding.”


Clarissa Lim travelled to her native Malaysia to examine how migrant communities connect and recreate their own homes in a foreign landscape


The memory of water infrastructure

Derrick used his scholarship funds to venture to the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, to examine the architecture of water infrastructure, or, the relationship between people, nature and the built environment. Derrick looked at flood protection measures in the Netherlands, riverbank redevelopment in Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo, and took a historical approach in Portugal to examine water supply and methods of water transportation. For Derrick, the P&T Travel Scholarship will have positive implications for his future studies. “All the buildings I visited will be extremely useful for my later research, because my thesis is on water infrastructure in Europe,” he says. 


Derrick Leong used his scholarship funds to venture to the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, to examine the architecture of water infrastructure.


NEWS: One vision: How architecture is key to developing the Belt and Road region


The One Belt One Road initiative is one of the most significant economic development strategies of our time. The two-pronged model, which comprises of the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt, and the oceangoing 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, connects more than 60 countries across Asia, Europe and Africa, and accounts for 30 percent of global GDP as well as over 30 percent of the world’s merchandise trade. One of Asia’s most prolific architectural practices, P&T operates in over 70 cities with over 2,200 projects in along the Belt and Road region, and has and will continue to positively shape the cities along the world’s most important trading route with a vision of connecting people and places in an increasingly globalised world.


Creating new opportunities

P&T's network along the Belt and Road region has helped create new opportunities while facilitating business expansion in developing nations. The new developments also provide an opportunity for expanding businesses to mark their presence in new locations, establishing elusive brand equity by setting up in an enviable address. Being a multi-disciplinary architectural, urban design and engineering firm, creating modern and inspirational architecture can also activate a citizenry to engage more with their surrounds, helping to cultivate a spirit of creativity and innovation. These intangible elements will become an increasingly salient feature of cities along the Belt and Road region, as the eyes of the world turn to the well-travelled route.


P&T expands its footprint along the region

At the heart of it all, the impact of P&T will be widely felt. In the Middle East and Africa, projects such as the award-winning Bourdillon No4 will set new standards of luxury living in Lagos, Nigeria, which is soon to become the third largest city in the world by population, while the highly sustainable, 70-storey mixed use BurjRafal rises high above the streets of Riyadh, as the Saudi capital’s first ever luxury apartment building.


Bourdillon No4 in Lagos, Nigeria, will set new standards of luxury living in Africa

BurjRafal rises high above the streets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


P&T has also made its presence felt in the brave new world of the Indian subcontinent. In India, Vasant Lawns brings to the city of Thane its first ever luxury residential development across eight visually striking 22-storey towers.


The design of Vasant Lawns in Mumbai, India, exudes a sense of classic timelessness


Further down in Sri Lanka, the multiple award-winning Achilleion has established itself as a landmark address for Colombo’s high-flyers, two majestic towers overlooking the Indian Ocean with an exclusive sky restaurant topped with a helipad.


Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Achilleion overlooks the Indian Ocean 


Mixed use developments in Southeast Asia, such as The One Parc Puri, Jakarta and Southern Marina, Kuala Lumpur, also offer people in those cities new possibilities for engaging with their waterfront. 


The design of Southern Marina, Kuala Lumpur, is inspired by the geography of South East Asia


NEWS : 2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture


Once a small fishing village, Hong Kong has become a cosmopolitan and energetic city nowadays!


While the architecture and urban planning always represent the wisdom of Tetris of Architectural field, 2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong) has themed ‘City Smarts: Density 2.0’, it shows the smart design of Hong Kong architecture. P&T is one of the exhibitors this year, if you would like to learn more about our design, please come to visit us at Hysan Place 9/F!


NEWS: Symphony of the Century: Witness 100 years of evolution on Shanghai's famous Bund


Interwar Shanghai had it all: a booming economy, buzzing cultural scene and a nightlife that rivaled the world’s best. Such was its standing that it became known during that time as the “Paris of the East” – no small claim, but one that was more than justified if for no other reason than its tree-lined boulevards and majestic architecture. And if it were the Paris of the East, there’s no doubt that its Champs Elysee would have been the world-famous Bund.


The Bund Shanghai - Past and Present The Bund Shanghai - Past and Present

The Bund, Shanghai – Past and Present

(Photo credit – Top: Leo Baeck Institute Bottom:travelwithjoshcohen.com)


Following the path of the curvilinear Huangpu River, the Bund and its architecture have stood the test of time – and war – to represent the grandeur of old Shanghai, its river-fronted buildings proudly standing to face the ‘new’ Shanghai, represented as a brash juxtaposition by the hypermodern steel structures that now populate the other side. This month, the history and majesty of the Bund will be explored in a brand new exhibition, Symphony of the Century: Exhibition of Oil Paintings on the Historical Changes of the Bund of Shanghai, a showcase of over 100 canvases by more than 80 painters to encourage the viewer to appreciate the significant heritage of the Bund. The exhibition has been brought to Shanghai by JiuShi Group, who own and manage many of the historical buildings along the Bund, and who have also commissioned over 80 artists to capture the essence of the waterfront promenade and to tell its story from its early days until now. In showcasing the Bund over its storied history, the exhibition aims to promote its cultural, architectural and artistic aspects, as well as its influence on Shanghainese culture and way of life over time.  The paintings depict the Bund in vivid colour from a range of different perspectives and at different times of the year. The exhibition will not only show the architectural changes on Shanghai’s famous waterfront promenade, but also explore changes in time and culture.


Official media release by Shanghai Jiushi Group: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/t9l0UnbzaXq3HU6uwssvcg


Master Painter Mr. Fang Shicong (third from the left) and guest with representatives from P&T Group
Master Painter Mr. Fang Shicong (third from the left) and guest with representatives from P&T Group


In line with the firm’s ongoing legacy for community outreach and to prepare to celebrate its 150th Anniversary, P&T is proud to support this landmark exhibition, both as testament to the firm’s lasting legacy in Shanghai, as well as its continued role in shaping the modern metropolis. The firm’s work on the famous promenade includes the Union Building (1916), HSBC (1923), Customs House (1927), Peace Hotel (1929) and Bank of China (1937). P&T continues to shape modern Shanghai, with more recent thought-leading projects such as the award-winning The Hub, Raffles City, and 1 & 2 Corporate Avenue. Ultimately though, a city is the sum of its parts – P&T is proud to have been given the opportunity to contribute the past, present and future of Shanghai. This sentiment is echoed in this exhibition, which will both activate a sense of nostalgia while at the same time looking into what the future might hold.


 (From Left to Right) Mr. Henry Yip, Architect & Director, P&T Group Shanghai; Mr. Xia Bao Yuan, Master Painter; and Mr. Cao Yi, Master Painter

(From Left to Right) Mr. Henry Yip, Architect & Director, P&T Group Shanghai; Mr. Xia Bao Yuan, Master Painter; and Mr. Cao Yi, Master Painter


 Symphony of the Century is open until 15 November, 2017.

 Symphony of the Century is open until 15 November, 2017. See it at Hall No3-4, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai Yan'an West Road No.1609.