• Projects


    P&T’s experience in residential design has continuously attracted leading serious developers and P&T has in the recent 10 – 15 years designed more than 300 residential projects, approximately 22 million m2 averaging 72,000 m2 per project.

    This makes P&T the #2 worldwide design firm in residential design.



    We develop new residential design models to be on the forefront of the residential design development enabling us to bring new ideas to clients and move forward when clients are ready.

    What never changes is our desire to improve quality, sustainability and appeal, prioritizing natural light and fresh air. Design solutions that stand the test of time.


    We believe that there is no single and unique aesthetics but a diversity in form linked to time, place and purpose.

    We all evolve with the times so we believe that the timeless aspects are important for residential projects and flexible floor plans where residents can create their home with their personal style.