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    Our experience in designing retail space comes from stand-alone shops, malls or parts of a mixed-use complexes dating back to 1880 when Beaconsfield Arcade opened in Hong Kong. 

    Award-winning projects followed such as The Landmark and Windsor House in Hong Kong, Oriental Plaza in Beijing, Terminal 21 in Bangkok and more recently Parc 66 in China awarded “Best Asia Pacific Shopping Center” In 2013.

    Developing and managing Retail Shopping Centers remains one of the most financially risky of all real estate categories, so naturally you would want to partner with a firm bringing experience, expertise and talent to secure the investment. We have this experience from hundreds of retail projects often including recreational and entertainment elements.


    P&T is one of the leading design firms in hospitality design, mixed-use, residential at a large scale – all complex project types – interlinked with retail environments. Having designed retail projects in the major cities in Asia gives us an insight and knowledge of what works in any type of shopping environment. What draws shoppers in and what it takes to keep them entertained.

    Hong Kong – one of the worlds 10 shopping destinations - and China has some of the world’s largest and most elaborate shopping malls, where shopping is leisure. This is our laboratory!