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    Urban Skyline


    The outline of the city against the sky defines the skyline of a city. P&T has defined the skyline of many Asian cities since its foundation in 1868. The firm’s collaboration of architects and engineers made it a pioneer in new structural principles. Having always been in the a dynamic real estate driven part of the world, the developed and emerging markets, we have for very long understood the need for ‘building tall stories’, stories introducing the very latest technology in buildings, the tallest or largest structures with the best air handling or least energy consuming operational systems.

    But the stories that are equally as important are about designing inspiring public spaces that respect human scale and give great experience for the wellbeing for people working and passing through the space. A holistic approach is of the essence.


    P&T are continuously adding to the skyline in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Riyadh and soon Dubai.

    P&T has designed more high-rise buildings than any other firm and will soon add the 7th tallest towers in the world to its portfolio.